Il Museo

Il Museo è collocato in un suggestivo palazzo storico del 1600, completamente restaurato, posto tra Bologna e Pistoia, immerso nel verde. Questa struttura, oltre ad una ricca collezione permanente, offre una serie di eventi culturali e mostre che saranno organizzate all’interno del Museo, ma anche in altre sedi.
Ogni visita sarà una vera sorpresa, anche perché è personalizzata. Infatti Morena ed Ernesto Vi accompagneranno all’interno di questa foresta di simboli, tutta da scoprire… e per questo motivo ricordate che occorre la prenotazione.

The Museum is set in an enchanting historical building of 1600, completely restored, situated between Bologna and Pistoia, among the woods.
This building, apart from being a rich permanent collection, offers a series of cultural events and exhibitions which will be organized not only inside the Museum, but also in the other centres.
Each visit will be a real surprise, also because it is personalized. In fact, Morena and Ernesto will accompany you inside this forest of symbols, all to discover….and for this reason please remember that reservation is needed.
Looking forward to seeing you!!!!!

sabato 30 maggio 2015

Vijita Behere

Vijita Behere
Literatarot - India
V - Papa/Hierophant
Vijita always had a great interest in Art & Design, and Divination.
Because of her constant involvement in the creative activities and due to my interest and aptitude in art n design she chose to study architecture. She intends to canalize her artistic potential into a profession.
Her interest in divination began many years ago; particularly palmistry but her interest in Tarot developed only three years ago. Since then she has read books, searched on the net, studied the cards, their history and meanings and collected books and deck besides conducting readings for friends and relatives. She is skilled in AutoCAD, Photoshop, CorelDraw, 3Ds MAX, Sketching, Painting, Calligraphy and Tarot Reading
The traditional interpretations of the Hierophant card are moral law, a wise and capable advisor, a practical instructor, belief system, spiritual consolation, knowledge, identification, faith, conformity, tradition. Most of the traditional interpretations and keywords for the Hierophant card describe the personality of Chanakya.
Chanakya also known as Vishnugupta and Kautilya lived around the third century BC but his ideas and principles are still guiding the present day world. He is also know as a King Maker because he played vital role in bringing down the Nanda dynasty and establishing his bright student Chandragupta Maurya as the emperor. Also the credit of the defeat of Alexander the Great in India goes to Chanakya.
Chanakya is respected for his wisdom, philosophy and unfailing strategies, authored books like Arthashastra, Nitishastra and Chanakyaniti. His books cover a wide range of topics like statecraft, politics, military warfare, strategy, selection and training of employees, leadership skills, legal systems, accounting systems, taxation, fiscal policies, civil rules, internal and foreign trade etc. It also covers various technical subjects including medicine, gemology, metallurgy, measures of length, tables of weights, divisions of time, among many others. His work is still referred by modern day scholars and governments across the world. 
As I think, the role of The Hierophant is to mediate between the ever-changing world of busy life and eternal truth. Chanakya performed the same duty. He tried to reduce the problems of the common man through his book Chanakyaniti. He set rules and standards wherever needed. He tried to reduce all sorts problems of society and organization by providing people with tactics, guidelines and principals wherever he found need to organize and to discipline. In the card, I have also tried to use some symbols. Om- Represents the merging of physical form with the spiritual. Peacock feather - symbolizes the wisdom and knowledge.