Il Museo

Il Museo è collocato in un suggestivo palazzo storico del 1600, completamente restaurato, posto tra Bologna e Pistoia, immerso nel verde. Questa struttura, oltre ad una ricca collezione permanente, offre una serie di eventi culturali e mostre che saranno organizzate all’interno del Museo, ma anche in altre sedi.
Ogni visita sarà una vera sorpresa, anche perché è personalizzata. Infatti Morena ed Ernesto Vi accompagneranno all’interno di questa foresta di simboli, tutta da scoprire… e per questo motivo ricordate che occorre la prenotazione.

The Museum is set in an enchanting historical building of 1600, completely restored, situated between Bologna and Pistoia, among the woods.
This building, apart from being a rich permanent collection, offers a series of cultural events and exhibitions which will be organized not only inside the Museum, but also in the other centres.
Each visit will be a real surprise, also because it is personalized. In fact, Morena and Ernesto will accompany you inside this forest of symbols, all to discover….and for this reason please remember that reservation is needed.
Looking forward to seeing you!!!!!

lunedì 13 luglio 2015

Sandeep Mehta

Sandeep Mehta
XV - Diavolo/Devil:
Bhaktamar Stotr

Sandeep was introduced to Tarot by his wife who became his guide and as he saw the accuracy to be perfect most of the time he got more and more interested. Sandeep is a director of a financial firm and states that Tarot has helped him make difficult decisions and at all given times the guidance has been 'on the dot.' He chose the card The Devil as he feels that at any given time we are involved in shackles of uncertainty, adverse situations, adverse planetary positions and circumstances. According to him, "It is a personal experience for me that the Jain text - Bhakramar Stotr by Acharya Shri Mantunga conveys - that faith in God sails you through, so have faith and enjoy freedom."
The card no XV of major arcana, called The Devil has a close connection to the classic called 'Bhaktamar Stotr' from Jain literature. Bhaktamar Stotra is a gem of devotional literature. This incessant devotion of the first Jain Tirthankar Adinath can make a devotee immortal. The author of Bhaktamar Stotr, Acharya Shri Mantunga was a missionary monk and an eminent scholar. According to this text the king of Avanti, Vriddha Bhoj, seated on his throne of Dhara Nagri had chained and imprisoned the Acharya Shri Mantunga out of curiosity to witness some miracle. He was bound with a thick chain and there were 48 locks on the chain. Acharya was challenged that if he has great faith then he should use the power of faith to free himself.
The acharya remained in meditation for three days and on the fourth morning composed the panegyric in honor of Lord Adinath. The moment he chanted the first couplet, the chains and shackles of the first lock opened. Likewise he chanted 48 couplets to open 48 locks and finally walked out a free man. The king was astounded by this and fell to the Acharya's feet to become a staunch devotee of Adinath.
The card The Devil also shows that if the Devil binds you in chains and shackles of problems and troubles, faith will break all the locks, chains and set you free.